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With 20 plus years' experience, casting director Matthew Morgan has enjoyed casting feature films, TV series, and commercials across North America - working in diverse places and truly excelling at being mobile with his work.

His company, Morgan Casting, is based in Toronto, Ontario; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Canton, Mississippi, with offices in all three regions.

From Arkansas to Washington State...Vancouver to Montreal ... Matthew has been able to successfully establish pop-up offices for projects in other markets. He enjoys casting on location, as it combines his love of travel, culture, and languages with challenging work.

Matthew has cast two feature films directed by and starring James Franco, as well as two by Paul Schrader. He's also cast for directors Alison Eastwood, Tate Taylor, John Krasinski and other notables.

Matthew Morgan is proudly both Canadian & American, as well as a member of both country's casting guilds, CDC & CSA. Morgan Casting offers services in English, French and Spanish. Morgan Casting casts for feature films, short films, TV series, music videos, corporate videos, print and commercials.

Our offices, Morgan Casting, are known for our down-to- earth approach; extensive researching; creative problem solving; and, quite frankly, our ability to have fun.  We are proud to offer services in English, French and Spanish. We have offices in Toronto, Ontario; New Orleans, Louisiana & Canton, Mississippi, offering full casting services in each market. Morgan Casting is very mobile! We love to travel and work in various spots around the globe inviting new casting challenges along the way.   


We cast feature films, shorts, documentaries, tv shows, tv and web commercials, print ads, voice overs, music videos and live events. 

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